Community Clinics

Every Tuesday and Wednesday morning several smiling, scrub-suited, and lab-coated folks open up a space on the third floor of St. Francis House and welcome the uninsured to the community clinic.

The clinics, a service of St. Vincent’s Hospital, operate at three locations throughout the week: Gardner Memorial on Mondays, Glenview on Thursdays, and at our own St. Francis House on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Clients can receive basic medical care, prescriptions, and referrals if needed to St. Vincent’s Hospital for further treatment. These services are provided free of charge.

Our nurses, Rhonda Higgins, RN and Amber Raymond, RN, are full-time staff of the community clinic program. Our wonderful physicians, Dr. Harold Hedges, MD and Dr. Jeanne Murphy, MD, donate their time to serve those in need. This partnership allows many of our clients in social services to receive the medical care they need as well as food, clothing, and other assistance that St. Francis House provides.

Appointments for the St. Francis House Clinic may be made by calling 501-552-3241. Thank you and God bless you St. Vincent’s for helping us continue to meet the needs of the under-served in our community.