And when she got there….


Well, the cupboard wasn’t entirely bare, but it wasn’t full either. Miss J is well known around the neighborhood. An older woman living on disability, she often cares for her grandchildren and always seems to have a smile on her face.

She has been coming to St. Francis House since 2009 for occasional help with bills, food and clothing. And OCCASIONAL is truly all it is. “This is meant to be emergency help and I don’t take advantage. There are lots of other folks who need it more than I do”

This month has been a busy time for St. Francis House Social Services. The Social Services Department has seen an average of 60 more people a week during July bringing our numbers up to 1500 clients served. Between hot weather and power outages causing food spoilage, by the end of the week the food pantry is extremely low. Miss J was able to get some food, but not as much as usual and not in the variety we normally provide. Meat and other high-protein foods have been especially scarce.

Can you help us re-stock the pantry? Please consider donating now so we can buy enough food for next month!