Second Hand Clothes

I met LS in the clothing room of St. Francis House. She was picking out clothes while waiting to get her food box.

Life had fallen apart for her a few years ago. She and her husband were from a small town in Kentucky, but the economy there crashed. Businesses left and there were no more jobs. They moved here and tried to start over. 6f4965aa-959f-446c-9728-152cc2ff5e79

She started to school, and he looked for work. But the strain on the marriage took its toll, and she left when he became abusive. “I had to quit school, and I’m looking for a job. Clerical, sales, cleaning houses, anything. I just need a job.”

She said she comes to St. Francis House for food and clothing every few months. “This is great; I don’t have money to spend on clothes. And it’s nice to get something new…well new for me,” she laughed. “Second hand clothes from second hand people for second hand people.” When I asked what she meant she said, “We all need second chances. I don’t mind second hand clothes. I’m a second hand person. And the people who donate clothes, they’re probably second hand people too. Some one gave them a second chance, so now they’re giving some one else a second chance.”