Thank You, Dames!

Last Saturday saw an awesome delivery of over 113 sets of bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths from The Col. John Washington Chapter Colonial Dames 17th Century (CDXVIIC). CDXVIIC is an on-going supporter of Veterans and several years ago it adopted, as one of its Veterans projects, the Veterans Reentry Program at St. Francis House in Little Rock.

Recently a plea for bath/hand towels and wash clothes was received from Ken Mace, Director of Veterans Services at St. Francis House, and this chapter of The Dames immediately stepped up! They began a drive to collect new or nearly new towels, and within a few weeks 113 sets were collected.

Each item was inspected as to wear, and then color coordinated with the other items to make a set. The sets, comprised of one bath towel, one hand towel and two wash cloths, were then tied together with an attractive ribbon and affixed with a thank you card thanking the Veteran for his/her service.

The chapter will continue its collection of bath/hand towels and wash cloths for St. Francis House due to the on-going need. Thank you Dames of Hot Springs Village for YOUR service to those who served!