Referrals Help Us Meet the Need!

Monday afternoon St. Francis House got a call from a local church. Shirley, a member of their congregation didn’t have quite enough for her electric bill. The church was able to pay a portion but not enough for the lights to stay on. After speaking with Shirley and then the electric company on Tuesday, St. Francis House was able to provide enough of the needed payment for the electric service to stay on.

Latoya is a mother of four living on disability who was referred to St. Francis House by the Central Arkansas Development Council when they lacked the resources to help pay her utility bill. On Wednesday St. Francis House helped her pay her utility bill, but then on Thursday was told the bill was more than originally stated. St. Francis House staff spoke to the company and was assured that the service would not be turned off.

On Friday we got a panicked call- No electricity.

Another phone call, another discussion arranging a payment plan for Latoya, and an agreement to restore service at no additional charge. Friday afternoon the electricity was back on and Latoya and her children could look forward to the weekend.

Just another week at St. Francis House!