We Need a Little Christmas

Copyright: ssilver / 123RF Stock Photo

The holidays are coming with special memories and traditions. Many of us are looking forward to some extra time off, meals with family and friends, and exchanging gifts. However, not everyone is so blessed.

At St. Francis House, we support clients and families that often get overlooked. Each year we take on a variety of projects to bring Christmas to those that might not otherwise experience a special season.

For example, Sarah is a single mother of six with another on the way. Though fiercely independent, childcare for six is very expensive. And without family to help, she can’t work and must rely on public assistance. The income is limited and goes to pay utilities and rent.

Agencies like St. Francis House help regularly with food and clothing. But a Christmas? Not within her reach.

Outside our normal budget, we take on several Christmas projects that go to meet these needs including holiday food gift boxes, gift bags for seniors, and presents for the families not adopted by other ministry drives. St. Francis House practically shuts down for a week as staff and volunteers personally pack the gift boxes and a try to find ways to meet the needs of clients who have no other place to turn.

These are the traditions we try to provide for the overlooked and under-served in our community.

Join us this holiday season by making a special donation so we can bring as many special memories to families as we can.