Making Life More Beautiful

Veterans are special people. They’re also as diverse in their interest and talents as any group of people in the world. That’s especially true of Timothy Hartford. Timothy was a combat engineer in the Marines from 1999-2004. Using the skills he learned in the Marines, he began doing construction when he returned from his last deployment in Iraq. He married and soon decided it was time to start his own business. He refurbished used or even abandoned trailers and set them up for rental on property belonging to him and his wife. Business was good and things seemed to be going well, but eventually his marriage deteriorated and when they divorced two months ago, she and the children retained the property and the business. With nothing but a backpack Timothy “did the camping in the woods thing” as he looked at his options. “One thing I learned as a combat engineer was to ask three questions- what do have, what do need, how can I get what I need?” So he relocated to Little Rock where he thought he could find the resources to get his life back on track. “I was referred to St. Francis House and with a roof over my head, I cod look for work. Timothy immediately talked to the Re-Integration staff, a program assisting homeless veterans with employment. Timothy is working now, riding the bus or sometimes riding a St. Francis House bike to west Little Rock for his trip to work. He has found a place to live and will moving in in the next few weeks. And in his free time, Timothy makes the world a little more beautiful with his art. Using whatever type of paper, pencils or other supplies he can find, he creates. Laughing he told me “This watercolor? It was done with a little box of kids’ watercolors like they take to school.” Timothy, you’ve blessed us and made our lives a little more beautiful as well!