When You Need to Keep the Lights on

Tanya is a single mom with one daughter who just recently lost her job. She’s been interviewing and has several prospects, but the gap between paychecks kept the bills piling up.

When she realized she couldn’t meet her utility bills, she contacted her various utility companies for alternatives. Her largest bill was the electric bill. Entergy suggested she contact St. Francis House.

Working with Entergy and Tanya, the Social Services staff were able to help pay a portion of the electric bill and also arrange a Deferred Payment Agreement with Entergy.

Thank you Entergy for your kindness and understanding in a tough situation.

Unfortunately, not all those who contact us are so lucky. Our funds for utilities is roughly $1000.00 a month and runs out quickly. We average about 30 calls a day that we can’t help. Make a donation today to help keep the lights on!