Still Here When He Needed Us

James never thought he’d be back at St. Francis House. He and his wife came to St. Francis House in the early 1980’s when they were a young couple with children still getting on their feet. As his construction skills grew, so did his income and he never thought he’d have to ask for help again. Over the years he has donated clothes and other goods “just giving back when we could”.
The children are grown now and it looked like it was time to enjoy a more care-free lifestyle. Unfortunately, congestive heart failure meant he had to leave his job and recovery is taking longer that he expected. “I’m use to taking care of myself and construction is what I know. It will be another four to five weeks at least before I can get back to work and now I’m not sure if I can ever do that work again. It’s scary and frustrating all at once. I’m starting to get behind on my bills, paying what I can and juggling. I’m here today to see if I can get help with my water bill.”
Luckily, thanks to your help, St. Francis House had the funds to help James with that bill, but we get calls every day for needs we can’t meet.