Episcopal Collegiate School and Kids Cookin’ for a Cause! Work Together for St. Francis House Veterans! 

Episcopal Collegiate School’s Institute for Responsible Citizenship teamed up with Kids Cookin’ for a Cause! to provide dinner for our Veterans at St. Francis House. Teacher Lara Beard and her students have been researching the link between homelessness and veterans, and as part of their class, they decided to get active! Led by Faith Aniya, students held a baking class and bake sale to fund the ingredients for the meals. Then they cooked 120 meals for our veterans – sixty to serve and another sixty to freeze for a later time. Pasta, garlic bread, salad, and fruit made a delicious and healthy dinner for our Veterans, and these young people not only learned how to cook, but also learned about the costs involved with social service. Perhaps most important, they learned firsthand some of the things that contribute to the high incidence of Veterans experiencing homelessness. Thank you everyone for your hard work, and we look forward to working again with you soon!