Veterans’ Re-entry and Veterans’ Re-integration Working Together

As anyone at St. Francis House knows, not much can get Paris Copp down! Paris is a former Air force aircraft mechanic and investigator. He served from 2001-2012 and, after he left the Air Force, made his living doing a variety of jobs.

A car accident left him unable to work for a time, and eventually he lost everything. He came to St. Francis House the first time in 2016 as part of the Veterans’ Re-Entry program, which works with Veterans experiencing homelessness. Working with the Veterans Re-Integration program, he found a job and successfully completed the program, moving into his own place.

Unfortunately, 2017 found him once more unemployed after a lay-off, and he returned to St. Francis House to get back on his feet. True to form, nothing keeps Paris down for long. Working through both programs, he currently has a new job and recently dropped off the paperwork for housing. “I’m really grateful for the programs at St. Francis House. If you do what you need to do, you can always get back up. You’ll always make it as long as you don’t give up.”

Best wishes, Paris! We know nothing can keep you down!