Going Above and Beyond

Gordon McGough served in the Army from 1983-1989 in communications intelligence. He was deployed out of Ft. Bragg and served in combat areas during his deployment. After the military, he returned to Arkansas and worked for Sevier County. Later Gordon moved to Alabama to help his father after an illness and where he stayed for ten years. He worked in various construction jobs as a mechanic, electrician, and welder, until he returned to Arkansas to work in Little River. When that company closed he was offered a job in Texas.

Gordon became ill eight years ago and began working with the VA in Texas to diagnose his condition. He could only work part-time, so eventually he returned to Arkansas to receive more medical attention. He came to St. Francis House to live while working with medical staff to resolve his medical issues. “St. Francis House is to be commended for the opportunities they offer Veterans experiencing homelessness for whatever reason. Carol and Ralph have gone above and beyond in getting me the paperwork I need for employment. Mike is helping work with the VA on my medical problems. and my caseworker, Ms. Wilson, does a great job coordinating all the pieces.”

Gordon is now working again and looking forward to getting his medical issues resolved so he can continue moving forward. He is active in the various activities at St. Francis House and is one of the Veterans who speaks with youth when they come visit. St. Francis House is so glad we can be here to help Gordon and pray for a speedy resolution to his medical problems.