Help to Start Again

Janice has been coming to St. Francis House since 2010. Working full time, she bought a home and over the years, paid it off. She would come in every few months for food or clothes, then get ahead and we wouldn’t see her for a while. However, a few months ago, everything changed.

Janice’s mother became ill. Taking care of her mother and working took up a lot of time and money. Her mother passed away, and Janice was taking care of both homes as she dealt with her mother’s death. Finally things were getting more settled. Her mother’s house was closed up and all utilities paid and then turned off. Maybe she could get ahead again.

Life doesn’t always follow our plans. Janice lost her job and was living on savings as she looked for new employment.

Then the rains came. Janice’s house was flooded and unlivable. She needed to go somewhere, but the only place was her mother’s home. With no job and no savings, Janice couldn’t afford the fees to turn on the utilities so she came to St. Francis House for help. Thanks to folks like you, St. Francis House was able to help Janice with her utilities so she is now safe and dry and able to start again.