Accidents Happen

Marianne and David have been married for years. David has now retired; Marianne is a full-time salesperson in a commission only position. St. Francis House helps David pay for his monthly medication, but other than that, the couple had been very self-sufficient.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. Marianne fell off a ladder and was hospitalized. For three days she was in ICU in a medically–induced coma to assist her healing. Once out of the hospital, recovery was long, and there was no income except David’s Social Security. Bills began to pile up, and when the water bill had to be paid before it was shut off, Marianne called St. Francis House.

We were able to help David and Marianne, but often we receive far more requests than we have the resources for. St. Francis House Social Services relies on donations from those in the community. We average over twenty calls a day for assistance. Can you help? Partners in Ministry make a monthly donation to St. Francis House. Become a Partner in Ministry today!

Can you help? We’re looking for Partners in Ministry to make monthly donations to assist in situations like this. Even a small monthly commitment adds up to big support.  Download the brochure to sign up as a Partner in Ministry today!