Caring for a Child

Anyone who has cared for a child knows it is the most wonderful and most demanding thing someone will do. The demands are even tougher if one of those children has disabilities. Joann is a single mother of four girls – ten years, seven years, three years, and one year old. She worked to support her daughters until her third child was born with health problems. Her job had minimal benefits, and her wages were not enough to pay for the care her daughter needed, so she went on SSI disability for her daughter.

With rent costing $750.00 and the disability payment only $730.00 a month, she continues to work part-time when child care is available, but often it is not enough. Local food banks, including St. Francis House, help with food and clothing. This month, however, there was not quite enough to cover the water bill and still two weeks to go before her next check comes in. Joann requested aid from St. Francis House. Thanks to concerned people like you, we were able to help.

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