Timing Can Be Crucial

Samantha and her fiancé have three lovely children, ages two, one, and three months. Normally this would be a happy time for the family, but sometimes a small problem in timing can grow to be a big problem. Samantha was recently laid off, but since Jason had started a new job, she wasn’t worried…until the electric bill came. In her apartment building, she can be evicted if a utility is turned off, and the bill came right between her last check and Jason’s first paycheck. Unless they paid it in full, they and their children would be without a place to live.

Samantha called St. Francis House. Social Services was able to help them with the electric bill. Samantha and her family can remain in their home.

We’re so glad to be able to help people like Samantha and Jason and we’d love to be able to do more. There are many families like Samantha and Jason in Little Rock that don’t get the help they need. Can you help? Become a Partner in Ministry today!