St. Francis House Cares

Michael and Blane first came to St. Francis House last October. “I remember because it was right before my birthday and I even got a birthday cake….I really love cake” Blane said with a wink. Both men receive medical services from ARCare and through that agency, are also waiting for a housing voucher. “But it’s hard; some places don’t really want to help us because we’re both HIV +. Neither of us can work full-time and right now only one of us has a part-time job.”
They learned about St. Francis House through Rice Depot. “We come for food and sometimes clothes. The staff are all nice and friendly; it’s easy to get in and out and the food is always things that you can make a complete meal from- that’s not always true at food banks. And no one here cares about our medical status, only about helping.” St. Francis House is so glad we can help and hopefully, we’ll also have cake!”