Helping with Healthcare Costs

Jim and Dana are both in their late sixties and worked all their lives. Now retired,  they receive social security and are both on Medicare. They also both worked part-time to supplement their  $1400 income.

Even doing that, they could not afford the extra cost of complete prescription coverage. Unfortunately, when Dana had a neck injury last year, she found out that she had too many medications for Medicare to cover them all. That’s when she came to St. Francis house. Thanks to all of you, we were able to help Dana with her prescriptions. Unable to work, James’ part-time employment became the couples’ only supplemental income.

Recently, Dana came back to see us at St. Francis House, this time for prescription help for her husband. James had suffered a heart attack, and once again, they found they had more than the six medications covered by Medicare and once again, St. Francis House was there to help.

With James now unable to work, James and Dana cannot afford rent, so they have moved to another state to live with their daughter. Safe travels to you both and St. Francis House is glad we were able to help!