You Can Make a Mistake at Any Age

Sam was a Navy Seabee from 1968-1970. After leaving the Navy, he had a variety of jobs- hospital orderly, working construction, with oil companies, working the offshore rigs and driving a truck. “I always had a good job, always a pretty good job. I quit driving a truck once I got up in age.”

“I started using drugs at 58 years old, and my life has been in turmoil ever since. I was married at the time, and she didn’t like it so I quit…but eventually I did it again.” Sam went into several programs and was clean for five years. As happens to so many, he relapsed again. “I was in Louisiana so sick I thought I was going to die. I knew I had to make a change.” He heard about the Veterans programs in Arkansas from a fellow Vet and came to Little Rock. He went through the VA drug and alcohol program, and once he completed that, they referred him to St. Francis House.”

Sam plans on staying here in Little Rock. “One of the things they tell you is to change your people, places, and things, so I’m doing that. St. Francis House is a good place; I’ve got no complaints.”

Sam has found a place to live, and because he is a disabled Veteran, he can make it on his benefits. “I’m planning on going back to school for my CDL though so I can drive a truck again. And if I could tell anyone anything, it’s don’t do drugs. You can make a mistake at any age, and mess up your life. Don’t do drugs.”

You can also correct a mistake at any age and Sam is doing just that.