Can You Help Me Get Home?

We first met Johnny at Jericho Way Day Shelter. “Can you help me get home?” he asked. “I’ve just had surgery, and I really need to get home.”

Johnny is from Tennessee and came to Little Rock for a construction job. While he was here, he became ill and was taken to UAMS hospital. Physicians there found he had colon cancer and operated immediately. When he was released from the hospital, he had nowhere to go and so was staying in shelters. He initially asked St. Francis House staff about help with his prescriptions because his insurance couldn’t be used at pharmacies here in Arkansas. After speaking with Johnny, the staff realized that we could do better, we could get him home. Johnny is on his way back to Tennessee with extra clothes and snacks to keep him going where he has family, friends and medical coverage. Safe journey Johnny; we’re so glad we met you, and we could help!