Living with the Pain

No one grows up expecting to be unable to work.  And when you have no visible disability, being on full disability at thirty-nine years old is even harder to handle. Add the high cost of prescriptions to that mix, and you get an idea of what life is like for Jackie. Because of a mental health issue, she will not be able to work for the foreseeable future and has had to go on full disability. Her SSD benefits pay her rent and her bills, but there’s very little left over, even for medication.

When Jackie went to get her medication, her share was too much for her to afford. That was when she called St. Francis House. Not only was St. Francis House able to provide her medication, but St. Francis House staff looked into various options, and by working with the Little Rock Community Mental Health Center, were able to provide the medication for far less than her insurance required, freeing up additional funds to help her meet other needs.

Last month, we were able to help thirty-seven people with medical needs thanks to your support!