Can You Help Henry Hear?

St. Francis House meets the needs of people who fall through the cracks. Henry is one of those people. He came to Little Rock last January for a job, but failing health cost him his job and has made it impossible for him to work right now. Only 55 years old, he has developed cataracts and has lost most of his hearing. Henry is currently staying at the Rescue Mission and spends most of his days at Jericho Way. We met Henry when his caseworker at Jericho Way brought him over to St. Francis House. With no job and no insurance, Henry has been relying on free services for his medical needs. He received a screening at UAMS for his hearing, and they recommended a hearing aid. St. Francis House is checking various sources to get the hearing aids, but it looks like they will cost close to $3000 at best. Can you help us help Henry? We would love to help him hear again!