Just a Little Help to Get Movin’

Sometimes a little help is all we need! That was the case for Veteran Larry Hill. Mr. Hill is a single dad with five children. He has custody of the eldest two. He had been on full disability but was working with his doctors to improve his health. As his health improved,  he began to take day jobs and look for work. No longer fully disabled, his SSD dropped significantly, but he had not found permanent employment.

Mr. Hill came into Social Services to get a gas voucher to get to a job interview. Mrs. Jones was able to help, and after learning he was living in a motel, she referred him to the Day Treatment Center for assistance. He and his two children moved into St. Francis House later that week.

Mr. Hill got that job. His children were enrolled in school here in Little Rock, and he found a place to live.  Social Services continued to help with another gas voucher- this time to get the kids to school and him to his new job. With so many people working together and Mr. Hill’s hard work, it’s no wonder that he was employed and back into his place in only a little over a week.  Sometimes it only takes a little help to get things moving in the right direction!