Ready to Work!

Rick is always ready to work. He follows the jobs all over the United States using a skilled jobs agency. “I like going different places, and I like taking care of myself. I enjoy working and hate taking hand-outs” he said as he walked out of Jericho Way. “I got into Little Rock Friday night, but getting here used all my cash. I found a place to sleep at the Compassion Center, and I’m here trying to get to work.”

Rick needed bus fare for a few days so he could get to the agency and then get to his first job. “After that, I’ll buy my own pass. Do you think St. Francis House could help?”

Thanks to your donations, St. Francis House set him up with a thirty-day bus pass. “This is more than I expected; now I can use my money to find a more long-term place to stay and not worry about transportation. This is great!”