Stretching the Budget

Mrs. Thomas  has been coming to St. Francis House for about two years. She worked at a local grocery store most of her adult life, but had to retire early due to a disability. As a result, her Social Security is limited.  Her son, Jackson, is mentally disabled and has never been able to work. He receives Social Security Disability and lives with his mother. Mrs. Thomas is his primary caregiver. She comes to St. Francis House every month for food and clothing. “We’re on a tight budget and this helps us stretch our food money.”  Like so many of our clients, she tries not to over use community resources. “I go to other pantries when I need to, but I’ve never used prescription or utility money from St. Francis House. There are other people who have even less than I do and they need the help even more.” We are glad we are here to help Mrs. Thomas and Jackson and the many other clients who come to St. Francis House for monthly food and clothing assistance.