Every Day Can Be a Challenge

Carly comes every month to St. Francis House. The staff know her well and are as much support as they are agency staff. Carly is on disability, and her health coverage is provided by Medicaid.

She pays all her bills, never gets food or clothing, is pretty self-sufficient, and yet every day can be a struggle. That’s because Carly is physically and mentally disabled. She takes dozens of medication, five of which are used to keep her mentally stable. She receives her mental health care through the Little Rock Community Clinic and comes to St. Francis House for her prescriptions. St. Francis House also provides her with her medication for nerve pain and seizure activity. Even with Medicaid, the co-pays can cost Carly up hundreds of dollars, in addition to all her other medications. Thanks to your help and the St. Francis House prescription program, Carly can continue to live on her own and manage her physical and mental challenges. Helping someone live with dignity, that’s a priority at St. Francis House!