You Never Know What Some Help Might Accomplish

(as told to a St. Francis House staffer)

I was driving one morning and saw a young man carrying a large case that looked very heavy. It was hot and he looked beat so I asked him if he needed a ride. When he got in, he explained the bag was full of all his tools and supplies for school; he attends a local technical school. He explained that he had to walk because his mom had the car at work.

I happened to be wearing a St. Francis House shirt, and he asked me how I knew about St. Francis House since we were on the other side of town. When I told him I volunteered there, his face lit up. “I remember going there with my mom and grandma for groceries. I was pretty little, but I remember that I used to get a toy too.”

He went on to say that when he got older, his grandmother had explained to him that they had needed to save every bit they could so his mom could go to school.  He smiled proudly as he said, “My mom works at the hospital now; she’s a dialysis technician. We have a nice house, and I’ll be finished school in about six more months and can get a good job.”

We drove on, and I let him out at his destination. “Thanks for the ride,” he said. He paused a moment, “My mom and grandma say that St. Francis House helped us afford for my mom to go to school. So …thanks for doing that too.”