“Everything is Out-of-Pocket”

With limited income due to COVID restrictions, more and more people are having to use all available income for utilities and rent, car payments and medications- things that can’t be gotten at food pantries or through many charities right now. Luckily, St. Francis House is able to meet one of those needs. The number of clients coming to St. Francis House for prescription help has doubled since the COVID pandemic started. Mr. Randall is a good example. He has multiple health issues, none COVID-related,and his current Medicaid plan won’t cover one of his prescriptions. “It’s all completely out-of-pocket for this and it’s over $150.00! I just don’t have it.” Thanks to your help, we were able to purchase Mr. Randall’s medication and help keep him healthy and happy. The St. Francis House prescription program is one of the many ways you’re helping in the community!