Caught in the Shut-Down

COVID restrictions and fears of illness have had a huge impact on our community in so many ways. Our local homeless community has not only suffered hardships as places of refuge close to new admissions or pnly serve outdoors, but that community is growing! We have seen our numbers of homeless increase and many of our new clients are recently without shelter because of the shut-down. Mr. J,  and Mr. P  are both relatively new clients caught in the COVID restrictions. 

“I’ve been homeless since January, but then I had places to go during the day. ” said Mr. P. “I come here and other pantries and any place serving meals because the shelters are all closed. I can’t even get into the library to look for someplace to go”.

Mr. J agrees. “I’m 73 years old and sleeping on a friends porch. I come here alot; it’s the only place in the nieghborhood. St. Francis House is the only place we’ve got right now.”