It’s Great What You Do Here

Craig Harris, a Veteran currently housed at St. Francis House under the VA Homeless Veterans Program, served his country from 1977-1984 as a supply sergeant. He served two tours in Korea as well as serving here in the United States.

Born in California, he says his family lived all over. After graduating from High School, he joined the Army. “I was injured while in Korea. I injured my left kidney, my pancreas, and my spleen. They operated, and I waited on getting benefits because I wanted to keep working.”

When Mr. Harris left the military, he moved to Arkansas, where his father had eventually settled. His old injuries resulted in severe pancreatitis in 1995, and he could no longer work.   “I received full VA benefits and was approved for Disability. I started using methamphetamines around 2005. It felt like I had discovered the fountain of youth; boy did that turn out to be wrong! I started manufacturing in 2014 and ended up doing prison time. “

“When I got out, I stayed clean; I went to rehab, I did my meetings. I learned from my downfalls and stayed in one place for five years. Recently the owner decided to sell, and I needed a place to stay. I went to the VA Day Treatment Center and came here on July 10th.”

Mr. Harris will be leaving St. Francis House soon. He’s looking for a new place where he and his two dogs can settle. “I like to work with wood, so I want to have a little woodshop. And my dogs are waiting for me. It’s great what you all do here. And I’m very grateful for what you’re doing for Veterans!”