A Delicious Dinner from a Previous Resident!

Zachary Nellums is a Navy Veteran. Born and raised in Arkansas, he served his country from 2003-2007, “Let’s just say I made a string of bad decisions and in October 2015, I  came St. Francis House. I had family in the area I could have stayed with, but I needed a total change to break the cycle. I stayed at St. Francis House for almost a year. “
Mr. Nellums got jobs in the food-service industry and loved it. He had cooked all his life and was good at it. As things went on, a dream was born…for his own catering business. “Things really turned around for me when I went back to church. I went to the Church of the Living God in Jacksonville and was in contact with them, and I go to Canaan Missionary Baptist Church here, so I had a group of people, family, friends who all had faith in me. I got married, I have a beautiful step-daughter and a son, and now I’ve started my own business.”
CBR-Z (Catering Brought Right by Zach) has recently become official, and even though Mr. Nellums is running fast with both his job and his new business, he wanted to give back. With help from his family, church members from Church of the Living God and Canaan Missionary Baptist, and a fellow chef, he brought dinner and all sorts of gifts for our  Veterans, including toiletries, blankets, pillows, and even two bicycles for our folks who ride! The food was delicious, the gifts most appreciated, and his story- inspiring! Thank you so much, Mr. Nellums, and we know CBR’Z will be a wonderful success!