“Can You Help Me Get Home?”

When we met Kevin Sharpe, he had just walked from a local hospital to St. Francis House looking for a way back home. Mr. Sharp, from West Memphis, Arkansas, had been brought to Little Rock by ambulance for a medical procedure that the hospital there could not perform.  The following day, he was released but was told his insurance would not pay for transportation back home. “I had no idea what to do. I’ve never even been to Little Rock before, and I’ve always had transportation home when I went to the hospital.

Mr. Sharpe is on disability and would not get any money on his card until the following Monday. He appeared to be having some difficulty walking. “I fell during that ice storm in February and had to have surgery. I’m not supposed to be walking like this, but I had no choice. Is there any way you can help me get a bus ticket home?”

On a Friday afternoon, Social Services staff hurried to find a bus to West Memphis and purchase a ticket so he wouldn’t have to stay overnight.  By the time that occurred, Mr. Sharpe had less than thirty minutes to get to the bus station. The following bus would not be until morning.  At that point, another staff member stepped in and drove him there to make his bus.

“Are you sure I don’t need to pay you back?” When told no, Mr. Sharpe replied, “When you bless someone, you always get a blessing. I’m going to try to be a blessing to St. Francis House as soon as I can.”

Just a typical Friday at St. Francis House- one client, one bus ticket, five staff members, and lots of blessings!