Keeping the Water Flowing

Natasha is a twenty-eight-year-old single mother of two. When it became evident that her eldest child would require round-the-clock care, she decided to file for disability for her son and stay home to care for him and her er second child who is eighteen months old.  Unfortunately, with no help from their father, food stamps and disability are her only income. Food stamps cover much of their food costs, but it is not enough for the entire month. She was able to move into low-income housing, but even so, her various bills leave less than two hundred dollars for medical needs, clothing, hygiene needs, and other necessities. The last few months have been challenging, and something had to give. She covered all her major bills but came up short. She was three months behind on her water bill when she received a shut-off notice.   

For many of us, $180 does not seem like a large amount, but it was the difference between having a safe, hygienic place for her children or not for Natasha. Your donations helped us keep Natasha’s water on!