There’s Nowhere Else Like It”

Billy Jack Harmon served his country in the Navy from 1993-2002 and then in the Army Reserve for two years. “I loved the Navy. II was good at what I did, and the Navy loved me. I received several awards, including the Walker award in Naval Intelligence. I miss it., but I was trying to save my marriage. Unfortunately, I thought she didn’t like the Navy, but it turned out I guess she didn’t like me. I lost my career and my marriage and pretty much lost my mind. “

Mr. Harmon began drinking and was in and out of jail. While in prison, his cellmate introduced him to meth, and the downward spiral continued. “In 2015, I was looking for a place to parle to, and another Veteran was coming to St. Francis House. “It was a great program, but I had remarried, and my wife wanted to buy a house and get settled, so I left. It was too soon.”

Eventually, the financial strain became too great. “It’s hard to find a decent paying job if you’re a felon. I was working sixty, seventy hours a week and still couldn’t pay the bills. My wife took our kids for a weekend and never came back. I just quit paying on the house and told him to take it back. I sold my motorcycle and eventually ended up back in jail.”

This time Mr. Harmon knew precisely where he wanted to come after leaving prison. “St. Francis House is a great place. It’s a jewel of a resource for Vets, and there’s nowhere else like it. That’s why we have Veterans from all over the country. It’s not just a good, safe place. St. Francis House accepts us back if we mess up, and you’re surrounded by people who understand. We don’t all have the same stories, but Veterans understand other Veterans.