Living the Slow Life!

Sarah Wood served her country in the Airforce from 1994-1998. She was stationed at Reese Air Force base and was a material handler dealing primarily in medical ordering and logistics. A native of Saline County, AR., she joined the Air Force at twenty-one. “I was married, my husband was an electrician, and I joined the Air Force to get better employment.”

She had her first child, a daughter, while in the military and later had two more children. She moved back to Arkansas to be near her family after the service and worked various medical technician and pharmacy jobs. She eventually went back to school and got a degree in construction management. “Construction was my favorite job, but I had severe migraines, and finally they got so bad I could not work anymore. I was on Social Security disability but was able to get a military pension. My father still lives in Saline Co., and I had some property there, but I couldn’t afford to keep it. I sold it and moved to Alma. I liked it there. I rented a place and had a community, but I now want to get closer to my daughter and grandchildren.”

Ms. Wood had been on medications for her migraines and other problems, but she gradually replaced all of them with a healthier, slower-paced lifestyle. “I spent eleven years working with migraines. I don’t like using prescription medications, so I retired, and I’m living the slow life. I’m eating well and keeping things low-key. It’s hard paying the bills on only $900 a month, but it’s worth it. I wouldn’t mind finding a part-time at some point, but it’s not worth my health.”

Ms. Wood uses her time at St. Francis House to work on her health and look for a place to live back in Saline County. “I want to be able to re-enter a grandmother role for my family. St. Francis House is giving me time to do the things I need to. It’s nice being around other female Veterans, and it’s helpful to be able to save money while I’m here. It’s a good program; I even posted on Facebook asking people to support it!”