Working Together to Provide Second Chances

St. Francis House has a commitment to working with other non-profits in Little Rock. Our relationship with Phoenix Recovery, a transitional living facility for women getting out of prison, is a great example. 

“I’ve known about St. Francis House for a while.,” says facility manager, Jeridee. “I was in a transitional program myself at one point, and we used to get assistance from and volunteer for St. Francis House. Now the ladies living here do the same.” The two agencies began making an unofficial relationship more formal when the TAP program moved to St. Francis House. “We get bus passes for our clients, so I got to know the people working in Community Outreach. One of our graduates began working for TAP, which led to lots of conversations. St. Francis House helps our clients with medications and clothing and even donates food. And our residents love to volunteer at St. Francis House. We’ve also been able to access services for residents who are Veterans.  At this point, we consider ourselves friends, not just colleagues.”

Community Outreach Director Amanda Benning told us about one very regular volunteer. “Miss R comes every day and often brings someone else with her. She helps with everything, and we love seeing her. We’ll miss her when she graduates from the program.”