The Lord Made Me Walk Over That Bridge

Veteran John Scarmazzi served as an electrician from 1984 to 1990. He grew up in Maryland and joined the military at twenty-four. After leaving the Navy, he worked in building maintenance in the Washington DC metropolitan area, married, and raised a family. “But I had a ‘second life’ with some poor choices, and that took a toll.”

He divorced in 2016 and continued working in building maintenance until a heart attack two years later. “It was a spiritual awakening. I left everything behind and went on the road. I worked with People Ready and lived out of my car most of the time. I had a membership at planet fitness, so I could shower and clean up in each town. “

 Mr. Scarmazzi was in Clearlake, Florida, when he had another heart attack. After his treatment at the VA, he was heading to Seattle when his car broke down. “I was in Memphis, and I stayed in a shelter there. Someone stole all my belongings. I left and was walking, and for some reason, I walked across the bridge into West Memphis,  Arkansas. I worked my way to Little Rock, and the Day Treatment Center connected me with St. Francis House.”

Mr. Scarmazzi is planning to start a small handyman business. While at St. Francis House, he’s looking for a truck and housing. “I believe the Lord made me walk over that bridge. This is where I need to be at this moment. I have a healthy outlook and want to work well into my seventies, and St. Francis House is helping me move towards that.”