“I Learn Something from Each One”

Nichelle Torrence has been working as the weekend desk staff for almost a year. While the rest of us relax every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, she ensures all is well at St. Francis House. “I had been a caregiver to my sick mom, then a wife to a demanding husband, and when I found myself by myself, I didn’t know what to do. I had to reinvent who I was, or maybe I should say, find out who I was.” After her divorce, she started school and needed extra income. “I saw the ad on Indeed and applied. “

Nichelle is going to cosmetology school and plans to provide services for people undergoing cancer treatment. “I lost my grandmother and four great aunts to cancer, and I’m also a survivor. My hair fell out, my skin was greyish, and I just didn’t feel pretty. I want to use my degree to provide a little pampering to oncology patients, help them take care of themselves during a hard time.”

In the meantime, she plans on staying at St. Francis House. “I love interacting with my Vets. It’s hard dealing with all the different personalities and different needs. We have people from all ranks of service from all over the country, and I learn something from each one. “