It’s a Family Affair

John (JP) and Brittany Schay have made St. Francis House a family affair!

JP began as a volunteer at St. Francis House in Community Outreach. Brittany worked for the Transportation Alliance Project (TAP), the city bus pass program housed in our Community Outreach. The staff noticed JP’s hard work and enthusiastic attitude, and when a front desk position became available, St. Francis House offered him the job. “ I have many family members who served in the military, but health issues made it impossible for me to join. St. Francis House is my way of giving back. It can get crazy, quickly going from calm to chaos, but I love working here. And I’m always here to help. They know that if they need me, they just need to ask.”

Brittany works as a case manager assistant in Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF). “I worked in TAP, and St. Francis House liked my work. JP was already working here, it was a more stable position with benefits, and St. Francis House had already made me feel like family since Day one.” Brittany is the gatekeeper for SSVF, ensuring veterans meet program criteria and setting up intakes. “The hardest thing is telling someone they are not eligible for the program. I always try to know of other resources in the area to give them. I’m working on finding resources in every county in Arkansas because of that. We’re here to help. I’ll try to find other services if I can.”