Already a Part of the Family!

Our new front desk clerk, Alvin White was already a part of our St. Francis House family when he accepted a position as a part of our staff. He was one of our Vets last year after the loss of a son, an ailing mother, and the COVID –shutdown all became too much to handle. Since he graduated from the program, he has gotten housing, bought a truck,  added another grandchild to the family,  “And another is on the way!”

“I was a Veteran rep when I lived here. St. Francis House helped me in so many ways., both through the ReEntry program and SSVF. I got help with budgeting, settled past debts, and was able to get all my medical and dental needs met. I was impressed with the staff here. They treated everyone with dignity and respect. They treated me well. And they help the whole community as well as Veterans. I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself and St. Francis House has given me that.”

Mr. White was originally a ‘floater” at St. Francis House. “I worked in the pantry, in Community Outreach, different shifts, different jobs. I got to learn about all the different programs, but that was hard. I’m glad to have a regular job and regular shift now.” We are so happy that Mr. White is a part of the family. Be sure to say ‘Hello” when you hear his voice answering the phone at St. Francis House!