Meet Our SSVF Interim Director!

Desiree Willmuth is the Interim Program Coordinator for Supportive Services for Veteran Families. She is responsible for ensuring that SSVF remains compliant with program guidelines, that the program runs as effectively and efficiently as possible, and that our staff has the training and support they need.

She began working with SSVF in 2012 an as Outreach Coordinator. At that time, that position was through another local nonprofit that subcontracted with St. Francis on the SSVF grant. When the program was moved officially to St. Francis House in 2013, she joined the St. Francis House staff. She became a case manager in 2015 and states “I was blessed to see many Veterans achieve their goals.”

During that time, she also became the go-to person for technology issues. so when SSVF added an I.T. Specialist to the grant in 2021, she was offered the position. Later that year, as SSVF continued to expand, she became the supervisor for the Fayetteville office.  Ms. Willmuth was named Interim Program Coordinator for SSVF at the beginning of this year.  

Ms. Willmuth has a B.A. in Psychology from Harding University and an M.A. in Ecological & Community Psychology from Michigan State University. Before coming to SSVF, she worked for the Arkansas Department of Human Services and the Arkansas Department of Community Correction.

Ms. Willmuth says that her biggest challenge is keeping up with constantly changing regulations. “We have seen a lot of changes to our program rules over the last two years due to the pandemic. We’ve also implemented entirely new services. It’s a lot to keep up with. I’m grateful to have a solid team that can learn and adapt quickly.”

In fact, Ms. Willmuth says that her team is the best thing about working in SSVF. “SSVF is blessed to have such capable, knowledgeable, and dedicated professionals. I couldn’t ask for a better group! I know without a doubt that everyone on this team gives their all to help our Veterans. I can ask any of them to help out with a crisis, help another staff member out, or cover for someone who is out sick, and they will pull together every single time to get the job done!”

We thank Ms. Willmuth for her dedication and hard work and hope that she will continue to help SSVF grow for a very long time!