What a Great Volunteer!

Meet Gio! Giovanni Chiechi is a sixteen-year-old sophomore at Catholic High School. But until school started this week, he was ‘volunteer extraordinaire’ at St. Francis House. Beginning this July, Gio was here Monday-Friday, working in Community Outreach, loading and unloading, bagging in the pantry, sorting in the clothing room, and doing anything else that needed doing.  “He always makes me laugh”. “He’s been a huge help.” “He helps with whatever we need” are just a few of the comments you’ll hear from staff and Veteran residents when Gio is mentioned.

“A friend told me about St. Francis House and thought it would be a good idea.  It’s nice to help other people and not think about yourself for a change and I like helping people. It’s interesting to see how people react. Most people are grateful for the help, but occasionally you get someone who reacts differently. That’s a challenge.”

Gio likes watching and playing sports and being in the church youth group. “And I like watching the Chiefs and competing against my dad on who is  going to win; he’s a Titans fan.“  He plans on volunteering again when school is on break if he can. “You always have to be grateful for what you have and not focus on what you don’t get.”