St. Francis House is a Safety Net for Me

My name is Brittney Perez and I’m a volunteer at St. Francis House. I’m 30 and in recovery. I have been in and out of prison since I was 20. The Last time I went to prison, I realized I was tired of living how I was. I wanted to be and do better. So when I got out I started volunteering at St. Francis House. Probably the best decision I’ve ever made. I really want to help people, and I feel like I can help people because of everything I have been through. My pain maybe someone else’s motivation. St Francis is a safety net for me. When I’m here, I’m here. My personality makes people comfortable. I feel like Helping Here and possibly gaining employment is a dream come true. Since being here I have been able to use my computer and office skills. I have since enrolled in college and plan on becoming a social worker. This goes to show that anyone can do anything they put their mind to. All it takes is hard work and wanting to do better in Life.