It’s Different This Time Around

Army Veteran Mordecai Whitley was born in Georgia and grew up in North Little Rock. He enlisted right after high school and served his country from 2000-2008 in the 39th infantry brigade. He was in the military police and was stationed in Colorado and Egypt. “I gave up two scholarships, one for ROTC and another for band, to enlist. My dad was Air Force and there are lots of military in our family.”

After leaving the military he worked at a variety of jobs in everything from food service to healthcare. “But I was in and out of treatment center for addiction. Eventually, I ended up incarcerated and when I got out, I was placed here at St. Francis House. “

Mr. Whitley continued “It’s different this time around. I guess I had to hit rock bottom to decide that I don’t want the same results. I want to be free, to be a good father to my children. To be a good brother and son to my family. I have learned that I need to accept help and I hope I can help other secretly suffering addicts.”

Mr. Whiteley has a list of goals for his time at St. Francis House and beyond.  “Obtaining housing, staying clean and sober, obtaining employment, rebuilding my credit, getting back in a church home, and living free from my addictions. I know I can do it if I get a plan, write it down and stick to it. I plan to  work with my sponsor and work my steps so eventually I can help someone else too.”