“St. Francis House is a Godsend”

Navy Veteran Floyd Eddie Price is our newest St. Francis House family member.  A native Arkansan, he served his country as a Seabee from 2000-2001.

He states, “I have always liked to build things and work with my hands, so when the Navy recruiter came to our high school, I knew I wanted to join.

After being diagnosed with a mental disorder, Mr. Price had to leave the service. Over the years, I’ve worked many jobs and eventually settled back in Arkansas. “

Like many of St. Francis House’s humanitarian clients, he works with SSVF to see what services he might qualify for. He is working on getting approval for Social Security Disability and is in counseling. He has already made himself a part of the St. Francis House community, acting as our kitchen assistant. “I’m working on getting approved for HUD/VASH and plan to live here in Little Rock. My wife and I talk daily, but I know deep down that this is the right decision to better myself, and I know my wife and I will reunite.”

Mr. Price continued, “St. Francis House is a godsend. It’s helping me stay on track, keep my appointments, and set things up. It helps Veterans in every possible way. And it helps the community as a whole with the food bank, clothes, and things. If you’re a supporter or a donor, please keep donating because you support a great cause.”