“Finding Childcare is Hard”

If you want to see a face light up, just look at National Guard Army Veteran, Shaniqua Basey, when she is playing with her son, Marion.  Ms. Basey is a native Arkansan and grew up “right down the street” from St. Francis House. She was stationed at Camp Robinson as a supply specialist from 2008 through 2012.

Marion is six years old and has special needs. Because of his developmental issues, he needs a stable environment to be able to progress.  “But I left an unhappy domestic situation and the father wasn’t taking responsibility for our child.  I‘ve been out of work since February and none of my family are available to help since they’re already caring for children. Finding childcare is hard, especially since he has special needs.”

Ms. Basey is hoping to get help with housing so she can get Marion ready to start school in the fall. “We’re also on the list for Butterfly Academy and Easterseals Arkansas Academy at Riverdale, but the waiting list for special needs placement is very long. I’ve always worked so I never checked in to any VA benefits and had no idea what I might be eligible for. While I’m here at St. Francis House, I’ll be checking into VA benefits as well as what might be available for Marion.”