Welcome to the Team!

St. Francis House welcomes new TAP staff member Ryan Kosser to the team! Ryan has recently come to work at TAP after a variety of other jobs. “This is great because I get to help other people at work. I like the way we all work together to help whoever comes in. Depending on who is waiting, I do TAP, but I also help with Community Resource intake. We treat it like a team and if I don’t know something I just ask.”

“I love how some people come in happy, even though they’re in one of their toughest spots. One guy came in and the first thing he asked was if we were hiring.  He needed food and clothes, but what he wanted was work.”

“The people who come for TAP passes are so grateful, especially if it’s their first bus pass. They’re tired and hot from walking to everything- to get to a shelter, to look for work, to get food from a food pantry. They share their stories, they tell me what they like to do or where they’re from, just you know, random normal things. It reminds me that we’re all people and these people just need a little help.”