Sometimes You Need a Pair of Pants!

One of our homeless clients comes in every two weeks for food. He came in the other day and said he knew it wasn’t his day, but he really needed a pair of pants because the one pair he had was so dirty.  He told me “It doesn’t matter if they fit; I have a belt.” We were able to find a pair about his size and he put them on right then.He was so happy! – Ryan

A good number of our clients come in from shelters. Today a husband and wife came in from the Compassion Center. They were very excited because he had just gotten a job at a local hotel and was supposed to start tomorrow. There was only one problem, he had to have black pants to start work. They apologized for not coming in on their regular day, this job would get them started on finding their own place to live. Of course we found him a pair! – Tracy