Stories from the Staff


Community Resources always works with our various Veteran programs. When Army Veteran Sheila Lovett joined our Re-Entry program, she had very little clothing. She had also checked in mid-morning, so she had missed breakfast. Community Resources made sure she had a few snacks and some fresh clothes to wear!     – Linda


One of our regular clients didn’t have transportation to St. Francis House one morning so she and her daughter walked over. She has a large family, so she had multiple bags of food. Mrs. Tracy and our volunteers went to work re-packing all her food so it would fit on the stroller. By the time they finished, everything fit… including her daughter. 




“One of our unsheltered neighbors came in today. He didn’t have a bus pass, didn’t have information about services, and had been staying outside sleeping wherever he could. He was so dehydrated, he couldn’t speak. We got him water and fruit to help him rehydrate, and then about made sure he had information on how to get a bus pass and about local shelters. He sat inside enjoying the cool as he continued to sip water and eat fruit. When he got ready to leave, we gave him a jug of water and more fruit to take with him. -Christina, Community Resources