“They Won’t Steer You Wrong”

Army Veteran Nathaniel Bolden smiles so often, it’s hard to believe that he has more than his share of troubles. Born and raised in North Little Rock, his mother died when he was in high school. One of seven children, he left school and joined the Army. He was in motor transport while in the Army, but received a medical discharge when he was diagnosed with kidney disease.

After leaving the military, he married. But additional health problems including high blood pressure and heart problems had developed over the years. One by one, several of his siblings passed away and finally, two years ago, his wife died and two months later another brother. “We had been married twenty-five years. And then my brother passed a few months later. Only two brothers are left. I started doing everything. I just didn’t care. But then I realized that she wouldn’t want me do that. I was at the VA for some medical follow-ups and told one of the staff what was going on. She put me in touch with the Veterans Day Treatment Center and they got me in here.”

Mr. Bolden is currently looking for a place to live through HUD/VASH, taking care of his medical needs and most importantly, “getting off the things I use to do.” He continued “St. Francis House is keeping me straight. The meetings help. I’m doing pretty good; I’m a good person and I’m smiling. You should have seen me when I first came here. I was down and out, and St. Francis House lifted me up. I would tell any Veteran if they’re down and out, they’ll help you. It’s hard at first, but it gets easier, and they won’t steer you wrong.”